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S. L. Goklaney, Managing Direcotr & Vice Chairman » Eureka Forbes Ltd.

“ Winning any award always brings with it a sense of elation and pride but also a sense of gratitude, humbleness and responsibility. Receiving the prestigious Water Digest Award for the year 2007 is a proud moment for all of us simply because the Water Digest Awards are billed as the country's first-ever awards in recognition of outstanding efforts and excellence by individuals, NGOs and Corporates in the field of water and water industry. We thank Water digest and our customers, for their continued trust in Eureka Forbes and its products. Winning the Award has given us an insight into the quality of relationship built over time with our customers. In Eureka Forbes we dedicate ourselves to the Health, Hygiene and Safety of our Society. It is not just a business, but a mission - "Safe drinking water is something which is a birthright of every single Indian citizen and we at Eureka Forbes believe in this intensely. We are all soldiers and we all need to work together to make sure that every single Indian citizen gets safe drinking water wherever he or she is". Our journey began a quarter century ago when we launched, for the first time in India, the Water Purifier "Aquaguard". Our direct Salesmen worked relentlessly to make our products a household name. A name that was synonymous with reliability and safety. We have touched the lives of over 30 million customers and helped thousands sow the seeds for a better tomorrow, so that the world, the environment and our children can have a cleaner, healthier and safer future. Receiving this recognition has created an impetus in us to strive for better than the best. Being the best creates both, challenge and responsibility. We shall continue to explore the best in the world and bring to our current and potential customers the very best - pure, safe and clean water.
As Thomas H Huxley once said - "The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man's foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher." The Water Digest Award is that rung which has spurred all of us at Eureka Forbes to reach a little higher… a little faster…! ”
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